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A garment is not just the fabric it is made of. Fashion is not about just “getting dressed”. It is about making a point. It is about making a difference and feeling special while doing it. We could not find this anywhere, and we grew tired of being just a client number in just another clothing brand. We felt like we deserved to be more, and we felt that that we could be more and we could give more.
Osant was born fueled by this ideal: Everyone is special in its own way, and by stimulating and empowering those around you, you become better yourself.
We grew up surrounded by two kinds of brand: On one hand, those cheap, impersonal brands that will make you dress like everybody else, and on the other hand, luxury brands with exclusive clothes but quite unaffordable and unjustifiable for most people. In Osant we believe in the middle ground. Affordable luxury goods.
We make garments of the highest quality and design, but we bring them closer to the people. We don’t make huge seasonal productions, but small, limited-edition ones, so when you get one of our products you will know that you are not going to be just another person amongst a thousand more with the same clothes. You will feel special, because you are to us. You are not “our client”. You are one of us.
This is what you have been waiting for. This is Osant.